Knife Defenses

Knife defenses are practiced by 1st Dan Black Belt and above.

(1) Attack:  Forward thrust toward abdomen

Defense:  Twist body to side step knife thrust while executing a right ridgehand strike to the forearm.  Then grab the attacker’s knife-wielding hand with both hands.
With control over the knife hand, turn the attacker’s wrist over and apply force with the thumbs rolling toward the attacker while stepping back with the lead leg.  Execute a front kick to the face of the (now) bent over attacker.
(2) Attack:  Forward thrust toward abdomen

Defense:  Execute a low X-block while moving your abdomen back away from the knife.  Cover and grab the attacker’s knife hand and turn the wrist over similar to defense #1.  Step back with the lead foot and finish with a roundhouse kick to the abdomen.
(3) Attack:  Inward downward stab followed by outward downward stab (inward stab means attacker’s right arm stabs from their left to the right; outward means that the attacker’s right arm stabs from right to left)

Defense:  Execute right outer palm block to first stab and then a left outer palm to the second stab (get out of the knife’s path for both blocks).  As you execute the left outer palm block, step in close to the opponent and lock their right arm with a Figure 4 lock (reach your right arm over the bend in their right elbow and grab your own left wrist).  Make sure to get their arm into a deep “V” first, and then step back while turning counterclockwise to the left forcing them to the ground in a circular manner.  Once the hit the ground, gain control of the knife, pull it from their hand and slash their throat (or just toss the knife away).
(4) Attack:  Overhead stab

Defense:  High X-block to the attacker’s wrist while stepping back with your right foot.  Grab the attacker’s wrist and step under his arm directing the knife into his
own leg.
(5) Attack:  Knife pointing into low back

Defense:  Turn quickly with a right chop behind to the attacker’s wrist with the intent to disarm.  Follow with a combination face and abdomen double punch and then end with a jumping back kick to the attacker’s abdomen.

Traditional Training in Korean Martial Arts