School Rules

  1. Students must bow to the flags, Sah-bum-nim, and all other high ranking belts when entering or leaving the Doe-chang.
  2. Students must always respect and obey Sah-bum-nim and all other high ranking belts.
  3. Students must use the word “sir or “ma’am” when speaking to Sah-bum-nim or other high ranking belts.
  4. When a Sah-bum-nim enters the Doe-chang, the highest ranking belt must call the class to attention and have the class bow.
  5. There should be an absence of unnecessary conversation in the Doe-chang.
  6. When a student must leave the Doe-chang during training, he or she must first recieve permission from the Sah-bum-nim.
  7. The Doe-chang must always be kept clean.
Uniforms should be kept clean.
Belts should not be worn outside of the dojang.
The belt should not touch the ground.
Students must keep fingernails and toenails clipped to avoid causing injury.
Jewelry (e.g. rings, necklaces, bracelets, hoop earrings) should not be worn during class (especially during free sparring).
Students must take class; they are not allowed to practice by themselves when class is in session.
Students should avoid being late for class.  If a student does arrive late, that student should do the following exercises and then join the class as soon as possible:  50 jumping jacks, 50 pushups, 50 situps, and 50 leg lifts.

Traditional Training in Korean Martial Arts