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Single arm grab   jerk arm downward then up quickly turning out of the grab while swinging elbow across the face.  Follow up with an elbow jab to face and then swing a hammer fist to groin. Turn and run. 

Single sleeve grab   grab opponents hand with free hand & circle other hand to press down with edge of hand at wrist joint (holding wrist locked little finger upward)

Double hand grab  groin kick – step down and bring both hands up and wave goodbye with both hands to get out of grab – palm strike to face (fake kick low, rotate hands & spreading arms @ same time)


Cross Arm grab #1   (Arm Bar)  Opposite wrist grab – rotate hand inward & grab opponents wrist. Place free hand above elbow & pull opponent forward & down to ground.

Cross arm grab #2   (Motorcycle grab) Opposite wrist grab, place free hand over opponent’s, push towards chest, bending @ elbow & wrist in opposite directions (90 deg. bend)  Rotate  wrist forward to increase pressure on lock.

Lapel grab grab wrist with same side hand, with opposite hand grab above elbow, raise arm, step under & rotate to bend opponents arm behind back & force to the ground.


Single Arm choke  grab wrist with same side hand, rotate in to break choke while slapping across face and reaching over with other hand (to grab opponent’s hand), then rotate back out, pulling arm straight, in an arm bar to lock opponents arm under arm pit pressing down to ground, keeping opponents elbow pointing up.

Double arm choke  (from front) rotate 90 deg. while raising arm vertical to break choke, lower arm over opponents arms (trap) holding wrist with free hand and elbow strike to head with arm that was raised vertical. 

Double arm choke  (from behind) raise both arms rotate 180 deg. to face attacker in a short front stance, grab shoulders and knee to mid section while pulling down. vertical elbow to neck or spine. 


Punch defense block opponent’s right punch with right knife hand block, use blocking hand to grab opponent’s wrist and then bring other hand over the top of opponent’s arm to grab your own wrist (forming a figure 4 lock).  Keep the lock tight and twist the opponent outward (to your left side) to bring them down to the ground. 

Front shoulder grab #1  move arm inside and up to circle arm around to the outside, hooking arm under opponents elbow with a “V” elbow locking hold, with upward pressure. Palm strike to face.

Front shoulder grab #2 duck head under & to the outside with the arm extended across opponents neck (ridgehand or forearm strike) step behind opponents leg & force down with trip/throw


Guillotine choke defense (facing toward opponent) grab arms with both hands while turning head toward attacker, punch to groin, raise up w/legs & both hands rotating to hold arm lock behind opponent (twisting arm), knee to body. 

Bent over headlock (both facing same direction) grab arms while turning head to release pressure, stomp on foot,  punch groin, pull arms down & away to release lock, twist attackers arm behind (lock)   & knee body while pushing down opponent at the same time.

Rear naked choke  (“V” carotid choke) grab arm, keep chin down, pull arm away, elbow to body (can include hammer fist to groin), raise up high and then drop  down fast & out of choke, twisting attackers arm behind and finish with a knee to body. 


Rear bear hug (arms pinned) Drop down fast and spread arms at same time, elbow middle & high, then back kick to finish.

Roundhouse kick defense  Catch kick at bicep, grab lapel with free hand, trip leg takedown ( with same side leg as grabbing hand) and then punch to finish.

Back kick defense Slide in to catch kicking leg from behind opponent,  grab shoulder with other hand and sweep support leg while pushing opponent to the ground.  Spin around and apply finishing leg lock if desired.


Ground defense from the guard


Guillotine Choke

Arm bar

Triangle choke


Stick defense #1

Stick defense #2

Gun defense #1

Gun defense #2



Traditional Training in Korean Martial Arts