Hapkido techniques are practiced by red belts and above.

(1) Grab same side wrist

(eg. left to right)
Break hold into center against thumb and forefinger. Freed hand executes knife hand chop to the neck.
(2) Grab same side wrist

Rotate hand to palm up while forcing partner’s elbow into his/her body. W/free hand reach under and around to grab palm w/thumb and fingers rotate wrist to the outside (using partner’s elbow as a fulcrum) and pull down and towards you.
(3) Grab same side wrist

Raise arm up to the inside of the body while pivoting 180 degrees to your inside; and going into a low sitting stance. While holding partner’s wrist w/both hands raise stance as you pull the arm down (making sure the elbow contacts your shoulder). Hold wrist w/ opp. hand while striking solar plexus w/your elbow.
(4) Grab same side sleeve

(near wrist)
W/opp. hand grab partner’s fist w/your thumb facing you (make sure to tighten his/her grip on your sleeve). With the other hand twist it up and around so that your fist or blade of the hand contacts the back of your part.’s wrist. Push it down to the floor and towards you.
(5) Grab same side lapel

W/same hand grab partner’s fist w/your thumb facing you (make sure to tighten his/her grip on your lapel). Turn partner’s arm over to his/her inside keeping the elbow straight w/your opp. hand while bending him/her over. W/shoulder imobolized at your waist and arm locked straight walk arm over towards the opp. shoulder.
(6) Grab hair

(above the forehead)
W/one hand, place palm flat on the back of partner’s fist close to the wrist (make sure to tighten his/her grip on your hair). Place other hand on top of the first for added strength. Bend head and waist forward while moving one leg back. Hold partner’s hand while executing a rising front kick to their head.
(7) Grab throat with two hands

(bodies perpendicular to each other)
Drop your body down to a low sitting stance while punching upward (w/hand closest to partner) under his/her chin. Continue arm movement to circle behind and under your partner’s arm that is toward your back. Place it into a joint lock by rotating your arm and lifting up (extending and supinating his/her arm) and execute a knifehand chop to the neck w/other hand.
(8) Grab both lapels

Bring one arm up then weave it down between your partner’s arms and back up the outside of the other arm. Press the back of your hand against his/her arm behind the elbow and reinfoce with your other hand. Push w/both hands towards your partner’s opp. side while twisting into a front stance in that direction. Execute a front punch with the “primary” hand to the temple of your partner.
(9) Grab both lapels

Bring hands up through center and turn fists out like double outer palm block pushing open your partners arms w/your forearms. Grab his/her shoulders or behind the neck and pull down and toward you while driving your knee into his/her groin. Grap your partner’s head and drive the point of your forehead into the bridge of his/her nose.
(10) Grab both wrists

(from behind)
Drop into a low sitting stance while pushing hands out to the sides w/arms straight. Quickly turn to your inside bringing one hand high and the other low in a circling motion, twisting your wrist in your partner’s grip and turning into a low cat stance perpendicular to your partner. Work you hands around his/her wrist and twist the arms (top hand over) bringing the arm held by your bottom hand against the elbow of the other and throw your partner in the direction of your stance while stepping forward w/your front leg.

Traditional Training in Korean Martial Arts